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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Celebrating 7 years of excellence

Mike Charley

On June 2, 2004 Planet Charley Productions, LLC went from just myself to a voice bank of talents.  7 years ago I didn't imagine the success and fast growth we have encountered.  We have continued to grow in a slight depression and long recession.  We saw many of our clients see their dark days with lay offs and bankruptcies.  We have witnessed many of our competitors copy our business model and some go out of business.

So how did we not only survive, but continue to experience an enormous amount of growth within the last 7 years?  Well perhaps one day I will write a book after retirement as I can't share our strategies because we are in such a cut throat competitive industry.  However, I will say one thing that is no secret... simple good old fashion customer service.  Don't take your clients for granted and value their business very much.  Our brand loyalty is very high and we have very strong brand equity.

Are you a facts & numbers person?  Then you may find this of interest.
6/2/04 - We started off with about 25 voice over talents (many of them still with us)
1/05 - We implemented our "We Care About Our Planet" program and have contributed several thousand dollars to our company charities.
2/06 - We launched our Spot Tracks entity designed for ma & pa businesses needing a good read.
late 2007 - We doubled the size of our World Class voice talent entity and updated our website for the third or fourth time.
2008 - We voiced over 100,000 designer commercials and continued to sign on award winning World Class voice talents.
2009 - Another new website design was launched making it easier for our clients to navigate and including innovative features such as a talent style search engine, instant talent pop up messages for their turn around and availability.
1/10 - We formed an exclusive partnership with Tuesday Productions... America's # 1 jingle company (40+ years in business).
early 2010 - We built an internal team consisting of editors and client relations associates to help accommodate our growth.
5/10  - We have produced over 200,000 professional commercials and have signed on over 100 World Class voice talents. If that isn't enough... according to a massive survey we were rated the # 1 voice over production company on the web!
mid 2010 - Melissa Murray is hired as our Operations Manager based out of our Denver satellite office.
late 2010 - We have served 1,000 clients and "KJ" our Chief Editor added the title Executive Producer to his title overseeing and adding to the creativity of our production.  KJ is based out of our Atlanta satellite office.
4/11- We formed and exclusive partnership with EFX44 Productions Video available to all of our clients for video production, consulting on video tips for our clients that are in the video production business, and assisting with short staffed clients with very tight deadlines.
4/11 - We introduced ourselves to the world famous Face-book and created our new You Tube channel always being updated.
6/2/11 - We turn 7 years old and are heard planet-wide every day.

So what is next?  We already have more exciting plans for our current clients and future clients.  We truly value your business and will always work hard to continue to earn it. 

We know you have choices and I would like to personally thank you for your business and 7 incredible years.  My entire internal staff and our extremely seasoned voice talents are always working hard to continue to build on our momentum and exceed your expectations. 

All the best!
Mike Charley
Planet Charley Productions, LLC