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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why hire a professional voice over talent?

Anybody can read a script. However, a professional voice over talent is a creative endeavor. A good professional voice talent can make a huge difference in the results & perception of your business or project. Just listen to national commercials vs most local radio & tv station commercials produced. You can hear a major difference between the commercials, narrative projects, or media promo imaging that are voiced by true professional voice talents (and professional producers). 
Professional voice over talents  are communicators. They breath life into the script in a way that sounds natural compared to a novice or a radio dj.
In the end, what you want from a voice for your project(s) is results!

------So why consider Planet Charley Productions?----------------

While we have voiced several national commercials, we work with media outlets in all size markets, ad agencies, and businesses seeking professionals at great rates.  In the last seven years we have voiced or produced over 200,000 designer commercials!
The World Class voice talents of Planet Charley Productions can help you achieve results with that big national sound at competitive rates.  Our rates are a lot lower than you may think.  Our World Class voice talents also have the training and understanding in advertising and various marketing topics to aid in the creative projects they work.  Most of our World Class voice talents have planet-wide credits & prestigious awards in our industry.

Always remember there is a vast range of quality and price differences between what someone bills as a professional anything these days. Be sure to look at their portfolio and consult with them before working with them. 

You may be interested in knowing in 2010 Planet Charley Productions, LLC was rated the # 1 voice company on the web for customer service, variety of true professional talents, turn around, and rates.  Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions on how we can serve you effectively.