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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is it 4th quarter again?

We have been on a hot streak and enjoying a phenomenal first quarter.  This week we saw daily bookings in the 4th quarter range.  It is a blessing for PCP to continue to grow and for me to be associated with great people!  On top of the busiest 1st quarter we have seen yet, Mother Nature was kind enough to raise the temperature into the 50s this week.  That is un-heard of in Wisconsin in mid February.  I think that groundhog was right about spring.

I think I have a new favorite tv show.  Storage Wars on A&E.  It's a reality show about people bidding on storage lockers where the owners have abandoned their goods and defaulted in payment for the storage unit.  It is such an odd concept to be engaged with a show about bidding for junk.  But I have to admit it makes my top 10 favorite shows currently in production.  I can't wait to see what the new Deadliest Catch season will be like since there have been so many changes with the "talent".  Even though CBS is in re-run mode of Under Cover Boss on Sunday nights, I am still captivated for an hour and inspired by the show.  Of course I am a big fan of Mike Holmes on HGTV so I can't miss his shows either.  Other than Two & 1/2 Men I am not in love with any of the sitcoms on tv.  Perhaps it's time to introduce a show on voice-overs.  Hey if Deadliest Catch is cables # 1 rated show about fisherman catching crabs, and Storage Wars is growing an audience on bidding for trash & treasures, maybe it's time I reach out to some of my contacts and propose a pilot episode of me reading copy behind the microphone, answering phone calls, producing, editing, marketing, billing, and all of the other glamorous stuff we do at Planet Charley Productions.  Think I can get at least 1mil an episode?