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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Can I leave my tree up? Management conference call.

The Charley family really goes over and a bit crazy when it comes to putting up Christmas decorations.  While our outside Christmas decorations are still up on our house as the snow & ice makes it impossible to take down till April, one of our many Christmas trees is still up.  Hmmm change the lights on it to red for Valentine's Day?  It has been single digit highs with sub zero lows for way too long.  The snow is piling up and I can't access the shed in the back to get the boxes & take down the tree. 

The outside usually takes me a full weekend and the inside is another full weekend to get everything up.  Two 6 foot trees on each floor, lots of decorations, wreaths, my daughters little tree, and... let's just say the stores have nothing on us.  Thank goodness we are finally going to get into the low 40s soon to melt some snow.  Then I can get into the shed and hopefully get the downstairs tree down before Memorial Day.  That's what I get for waiting an extra weekend to take down the tree still standing in February.

At least today was very productive.  As Planet Charley Productions continues to explode with growth I had a conference call with my management team.  Several topics were covered and I am excited about the ideas we will incorporate into our business model.  We are also focusing on our current talents contracted with us and have something up our sleeves that will build upon the momentum and excitement of their bookings.