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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Are You Sure You Booked The Right Voice?
With over 100 World Class talents (many with planet-wide credits) on our website it can be a little overwhelming.  We understand that and have made choosing the right voice easy. Don't just pick the first or second voice you hear as that may be the wrong voice for your project.

First... Know your clients target audience & demographics.  If it is not you than we suggest the account executive working with your client puts together a check list.  This will help avoid setting your client up for advertising failure. All voice talents have a comfort range. Not all voice talents can do hard sells or seductive style reads. This is why we feature 100+ World Class talents. We have all the bases covered for you.

Second... Be creative and unique with the copy.  While most businesses have similar goals and missions, every business has something unique. Build on that uniqueness to appeal to your clients target audience. Because your client is not in the advertising business like we are don't let your client write the script.  The copy needs to feature the important aspects of their business and a trained copywriter will be able to capture the facts, emotion, call to action, and / or the over all direction for the commercial to be successful.  Whether it's a television spot or radio spot, you only get one chance to grab the attention of the audience and entice them with the creative.

Third... By now you have invested time and hopefully a plan of action. Now it's time to get the right voice that will compliment the spot and relate to the target audience.  Planet Charley Productions has a big variety of award winning World Class talents and each one of our voice pros are unique.  Instead of just grabbing the first or second demo you played, read the talents description next to their name.  Better yet use our talent style search feature to help save you time.  Type in an adjective or two and then listen to at least the first 3 or 4 clips in each talents demo.  You may be surprised how many of our voices sound completely different with a clip in the middle of their demo than at the beginning.  If you use a word that doesn't fine tune the talents that shine best in the word(s) you entered then try a similar word.  For example if you are looking for a car dealer style voice and get a limited selection to choose from then start over and type in automotive.  You can even break it down by gender (ie automotive female).

Our World Class talents have national and international credits.  There is a reason they were casted and booked for the national spots they voiced.  You don't think a clients ad agency listened to one or two voices and then just went with them, do you?  Therefore spend a few moments on our site reading the talent descriptions while playing the demos and use our search feature.  The voice talent in any commercial is the most important part of the spot.  It's the right voice that will captivate, motivate, relate, encourage, and or take the target audience and patronize your clients business.  If the client is happy it is a lot easier to up-sell and get additional buys.  Don't hesitate to contact us for help or a You Tube link to see how we can help you find the right voice.  Remember, the voice over talent is the story teller.  You just want to make sure you are using the best one for your client's message.

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