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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What's The Difference?

When making a commercial for a client, whether it be a traditional TV commercial, Radio commercial or a You tube commercial, choosing the right voice over talent is critical. Voice talent will lend credibility to the commercial graphics you are going to produce for your client, and with the right amount of talent, the right voice over professional will put the right emphasis in the places in the commercial. There are many online v/o resources & companies available for you to choose voice talent from. Keep in mind: not all voice talent are created equal. While many people may respond to your requests for talent needed on the "cattle call sites" or cheap voice banks, it is imperative that you not only choose your talent on the way they sound, but also on the following factors:

1) Experience. If the talent is a newbie getting into the voice over business and simply has a microphone connected to a computer and a fancy website on a voice over search engine, you may be in trouble. Make sure the person you are hiring has some experience behind them (or the v/o company has a solid reputation). This is important for your client so the right parts of a commercial are presented the right way and there are no surprise problems or additional costs.

2) Turnaround. What this means, how fast the spot is voiced and sent back to you. Ask the company or independent voice talent how fast their turnaround is. Is it 3 hours, 5 hours, 24 hours, within a week? Or do they even have a turnaround policy at all?

3) Costs. Many of today's top voice over professionals are available to you for a very hefty fee. The problem is, most media outlets, small to medium size ad agencies, or businesses cannot afford them. This is why asking what the rate is per word, script, or per project is important upfront. Some independent voice talents or voice companies may even ask for a copy of the script, and you should kindly oblige by sending as quickly as you can, and in return asking for a speedy reply on price.  Many companies have a rate card that covers all the basis and should share it with you without arm wrestling for it. Review it in full for what the rate is and then additional fees for additional services.

4) Customer service.  Whether it is just a "one man show" or a full company comprised of several voice over professionals and a office staff* compare the customer service and ask for their policies if not listed on their website.

* There is a reason Planet Charley Productions, LLC has been rated the #1 voice over production company on the web in 2010 and 2011!  Unlike the "cattle call" websites that make their money off of the voice talents by annual memberships and will list any one (from a novice to a voice talent that charges a few hundred dollars for a dry local spot for 13 weeks), we have screened, auditioned, and reviewed the credentials on all of our voice talents for you.  In fact most of our World Class voice talents have national to planet-wide credits. Our talents are contracted and earn their income on the high volume of daily bookings we receive. Our World Class voice talents are true seasoned professionals... all on our site at the same rate.  Plus unlike most of our competitors with a similar business model, we have a search feature to assist you with finding the right voice for your project faster. Not to mention we have editors performing a free post clean up at NO additional charge ensuring you are getting clean audio with the timing you specify that is broadcast ready.

 What separates Planet Charley from the others is our "whatever it takes" attitude coupled with the industries most respected voice over talents & producers. Plus we give back to charities as part of our "We Care About Our Planet" program. That's why more television stations, cable companies, radio stations, and advertising agencies turn to us first.