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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Which hotel room would you rather stay in?

Take a close look. Which room would you rather stay in? They both leave strong impressions, however, only one of them leaves a positive impression. When it comes to advertising you only get one chance to leave an impression with your audience.  If you're spending the money on buying the air time for a television or radio commercial then do it right the first time. The World Class Talents of Planet Charley Productions will craft your commercial and help you get the necessary information presented to your audience the right way.  Even better... you will make an everlasting positive impression (like the A room) closer to the "B" rate. You don't have to sacrifice quality with a tight budget. But you do need to leave it to the professionals to help you convey your message that will stand out from the advertising clutter. Look at it this way, every hour great commercials are placed next to poor commercials. If you just let anybody voice or produce your commercial chances are it will be weak and not inviting compared to the professional commercial that follows it. Look at the pictures again.  Would you like the "A" room closer to the "B" room rate? Then you need the professionals at Planet Charley Productions.

This is just one of the many reasons why more advertising agencies, businesses, and media outlets have made us their top choice. It's our customer service that keeps our clients coming back.