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Thursday, March 17, 2011

We Care About Our Planet

The earthquake & tsunami that struck Japan on 3/11 was a complete tragedy.  As part our "We Care About Our Planet" program, Planet Charley Productions, LLC is raising money to assist those in Japan that need our help.  The American Red Cross is working in concert with the Japanese Red Cross.  We will be donating a percentage of our profits to the ARC.  In addition, we are working with area businesses near our corporate headquarters with POP donation boxes.

Bravo to the huge corporations that have already donated a portion of their profits.  Many corporations have donated over 1 million each.  That is the true spirit of the USA.

Their are several great charities if you are looking for a way to help Japan.  Make sure they are credible and beware of any scams.

In industry news you can say Gilbert Gottfried "ducked" up.  

"The comedian was relieved of his duties as the Aflac duck earlier this week due to jokes he'd tweeted about the Japanese tsumani" according to the AP.  If you can do a good Aflac duck call then contact your agent.

God's speed to the Japanese.