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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Who ordered all of this snow?

As most of the country is dealing with a tough winter... Mother Nature made sure she didn't forget about the blizzard and all of the snow she left us.  As much as 17 inches fell overnight in South Central Wisconsin where Planet Charley is based out of.

I actually had to shovel a path to get the Planet Charley van out of the garage so I wouldn't get stuck before the neighborhood kids come to shovel the driveway.  At the time of this picture the winds were pretty calm.  But the National Weather Service is forecasting for the winds to really pick up again.  The winds were strong last night with all of the snow.  Looking behind the bumper of the van you will see one of the snow drifts.  I couldn't back up anymore as a snow drift of about 4 feet tall was right behind me.

That darn ground hog better be right with his prediction.  No shadow so spring is near.