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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter fun. Wanna buy a hotel? PCP growth

This coming weekend the Charley-clan will be resting in one of Wisconsin's finest tourist towns (2/4 - 2/6).  Would you believe I have interest and am engaged in working on becoming part owner of the oldest hotel in Wisconsin in this town?  Lake Lawn Resort was shut down due to financial problems.  But it is turn key ready and recently received a 40 million dollar renovation.  While we are in the Lake Geneva, WI area I will go visit the property as I have been taking my family there for years.  I even went their as a kid.  If you see the Planet Charley van trespassing... I mean turning around at Lake Lawn Resort then look the other way.  I will be adding to my photo collection and working on documentation.

Right now there are a lot of "conditions" to acquire the property.  However I remain interested and have been in touch with the broker representing the sale from the bank on the resort.   So what does that mean?  After reviewing the resorts financial portfolio, assets, liabilities, HOA contracts, P&L's, etc. over the last 6 years, and all of the other information in the confidential 200+ page documents, I am now building an investment group to consider acquiring LLR.  I have had great success with managing, marketing, and operating other businesses including the current company I own (success of Planet Charley Productions, LLC is noted below). 

Whether or not the group we are building acquires LLR, I can share that if you are from the upper MidWest and have a strong passion for the resort take comfort in knowing there are several interested investors or already established hospitality companies expressing interest and LLR will most likely re-open again sooner than you think.  However, I need to separate my emotional attachment to LLR and view this as a business investment.  Like so many other companies... today LLR is not the strongest investment and the new parent company must have the capital to top operate the resort for quite a few years in the red.  The new parent company must have a realistic vision and incorporate a business plan that is very different from the resorts previous owners not to mention a strategy that will give this resort strong brand equity in a very competitive market place.

A lot of challenges will need to be overcome by any investment group or company to acquire the resort but it can be done with a large sum of working capital, proper management, and new marketing tactics.

While my interest remains strong in being part owner of this incredible resort, my focus is growing Planet Charley Productions, LLC and continuing to implement successful methodologies as our company continues to grow very fast and strong.  I am very excited about some upcoming announcements and future plans of PCP.  In 2010 we were rated the # 1 voice company on the web, hit the 200,000 mark of commercials produced, secured an exclusive partnership with one of the jingle industry's most successful jingle companies, and grew our revenue, professional talent roster, and internal staff team more than any other year. 

On June 2nd we turn 7!  That's great success for a company that in its youth.  What's my secret?  Perhaps I will write a book someday in the far future... but till then I can't share my game plan as we are in a very competitive industry.  We have gained great brand identity and equity within our industry and Planet Charley Productions, LLC is positioned properly to maintain its leadership in the industry and accommodate the growth of clients in need of the services we offer.

Ok time to let the dog out and grab a cookie.